Arthur Secunda

Arthur Secunda's work displays a keen understanding of the striations of colors that appear within the natural landscape. His work is characteraized by surreal, often sensual palettes, and his abstracted depictions of mountain landscapes evoke a distinct 1970s feel. Secunda is most known for his striking use of collage. 

Born in New Jersey in 1927, Secunda is recognized internationally as an esteemed teacher, critic, printmaker, painter and sculptor. He has worked as the museum curator of edication at the Santa Barbara Art Museum, and taught at UCLA. He held his first solo show at Galerie Lucien Gout in Montpellier in 1950. He has since exhibited across the United States, Europe and Japan, includint major art fairs in Basel, New York, Paris, and Cologne. Secunda's work appears in a number of permanent collections including the MoMA in New York City; the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.; the Chicago Art Institute; the Honolulu Academy of Fine Arts; and the Detroit Art Institute.