Aurelie Nemours

Aurélie Nemours (29 October 1910 – 27 January 2005) was a Parisian painter who made abstract geometrical paintings and was highly influenced by De Stijl, or neoplasticism. Before any development, she made measurements, studies, sketches, and drawings. Then she went into the essential, black and white or color; for her, the color is "pure energy."

Following an apprenticeship, she developed her vision at various studios and most notably Fernand Léger’s. Inspired by Léger, Nemour softens her edges of shapes and lines, imbuing her canvases with the sensuality of the act of painting itself. She worked in black and white and bold colors and honed her visual vocabulary to horizontal and vertical planes, right angles, lines, rectangles, and ultimately, the square, her ideal representation of universal harmony.

She works in series thus from 1965- 1970: the square becomes the key size of her work. Although she stopped painting in 2002, she is honored now and in the future by the artists who have worked consistently and innovatively in the field of thought asserting their own vision.

Courtesy of Cerbera Gallery