Azikiwe Mohammed

New York based artist Azikiwe Mohammed is known for bringing old world artisan objects—such as ceramic plates and woven tapestries—into the context of the twenty-first century. His elaborate textile pieces feature rap stars that have long been incarcerated, and feature patterns of cash, frolicking dolphins and exploding volcanoes. His photographic works are journalistic, following various movements and journeys, often including portraiture. Melding classic composition with pop culture and Internet graphics, Mohammed’s unique style elevates the under represented and brings these figures into the canon of art history. The artist says of his practice, "by re-contextualizing well defined and documented ideas and display methods traditionally attributed to white people and their accompanying history, I hope to offer a different look or starting point for a current conversation about black history and people."

Azikiwe Mohammed has participated in a number of exhibitions in New York, and Los Angeles, including SENSEI, New York, La Peche Gallery, Los Angeles and Gitana Rosa Gallery, Brooklyn. He has worked as a darkroom printer and teacher for many years.