Ben Schonzeit

Ben Schonzeit is a central figure in American Photorealism, whose technical contribution was his pioneering use of the airbrush. Today he remains the virtuoso of this technique; his recent paintings are even more exquisitely executed than the ground-breaking works he created in the 1970s. Schonzeit is recognized amongst peers such as Richard Estes and Robert Bechtle. With the objective of discovery and enlightenment directed toward the everyday, Schonzeit illuminates splendor in quotidian reality in order to connect his audience to his work.

He has had solo exhibitions at institutions such as Deland’s Museum of Art and The Butler Institute of Art in Youngstown. His work has been included in group exhibitions at Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, Guggenheim Museum in Berlin, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and Art Institute of Chicago, among others.

Courtesy of Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art