Bethan Huws

Through installation, sculpture, photography, and video, Bethan Huws has developed a practice that is materially varied but remains conceptually bound. Huws is interested in the symbols and icons of culture: much of her work appropriates something recognizable in one realm, like a feather or a biscuit, and casts it in a wholly new light. Objects are repurposed, transforming the banal into the monumental and vice versa, as in Sculpture (2008), a white book encased in Plexiglas. Often playing with text, she has frequently used aphorisms as a medium within her work, recalling Jenny Holzer or Barbara Kruger. Huws's work has been exhibited internationally at institutions including the Centre Pompidou, the Tate Modern, the Tate Britain, the Hayward Gallery in London, and Philadelphia's Institute of Contemporary Art.