Bruce Sherman

Bruce M. Sherman's anthropomorphic ceramic sculptures combine elements of figuration and abstraction. Each of his hand-thrown works maintains a delicate balance between humor and integrity; surreality and tradition; and function and beauty. He often draws reference to figures of ancient totemic histories, implying an allegorical element but leaving the narrative inconclusive. Common imagery found in Sherman's sculptures include plants, hands, feet, and eyes; arranged in a whimsical yet reverent fashion to celebrate life and nature. 

Sherman's work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions internationally, at galleries including Kaufmann Repetto in Milan; South Willard Gallery in Los Angeles; White Columns in New York; Sorry We’re Closed Gallery in Brussels; and Nicelle Beauchene Gallery in New York. He has also participated in group exhibitions across the globe, showing work at The Pit in Los Angeles; Tripoli Gallery in East Hampton, NY; Blackston Gallery in New York; NADA Art Fair in Miami, FL; Adams and Ollman Gallery in Portland; Fitzroy Gallery in New York; and more. He lives and works in New York.