Bruno Bruni

Bruno Bruni is an Italian lithographer and graphic artist. Best known for his erotic nude lithographs and sculptures, his works features figures both human and chimerical, in playfully sexual poses. Bruni makes use of recurring imagery, often presenting the same idea through different mediums and replicating one image as a drawing, lithograph, and sculpture. He was born on November 22, 1935 in Gradara, Italy and studied at the Art Institute in Pesaro. He moved to London where he became influenced by Pop Art, having his first show at John Wimbley Gallery in 1960, and later moved to Hamburg and began showing work from his wife’s art gallery. In 1977, he won the International Senefeld award for Lithography. Bruni’s work has been mass produced, making him one of the most financially successful artists in Germany. Bruni has shown work in New York, Berlin, and Tokyo. He lives in Hamburg, Germany.