Bryan Rowe

Award-winning artist Bryan Paul Rowe is a native of South Africa. His work, informed by the vibrant cultures and powerful imagery of Africa and by his travels across the world, speaks to a passion for color and a visual sense highly attuned to the subtle beauty of the "image within the image." He strives to reveal a side of our world that is ever apparent but often overlooked, capturing images that hope to illicit a visceral reaction within his audience. Bryan resides in Boulder, Colorado.

Courtesy of the artist

Interview with the Artist

1. When did you decide to become a photographer?
I started taking photos with my Dad's old Olympus camera when I was about 11 back in 1988. I loved the anticipation of taking photographs and waiting for the prints to get developed. I decided to become a photographer when I realized that I couldn't draw or paint but I could "paint" with my camera. Breakthrough!
2. What was your first camera?
A Pentax point and shoot.
3. Who are your influences?
Georges Seurat, Matisse, Van Gogh, Mondrian, Roy Lichtenstein, Jackson Pollock, Steve Jobs
4. You are walking down the street and realize you're about to walk in front of someone taking a picture and interrupt their photograph. Do you keep walking or stop and wait for them to take the shot?
I definitely stop. I wholeheartedly appreciate it when people are courteous to me when I am shooting.
5. What is your process when you shoot? Do you have any rituals?
No rituals to speak of yet. I get completely immersed when I shoot and find myself being very present to how things are going and try not to fight the direction. Oftentimes what I start off with the intention of shooting morphs into somethings completely different oftentimes with favourable results.
6. If you could go on a photography adventure anywhere in the world, where would it be?
There are so many unbelievably beautiful places that I would love to travel to photograph but I'm leaning toward Peru and Japan, so interesting and bright colors!
7. What is your objective in your photography?
My objective is to create beautiful images that illicit positive emotions within the viewer.
8. You were born in South Africa and now live in Boulder, Colorado. How do these two very different places inform your work?
Growing up in South Africa was somewhat turbulent albeit very interesting, and this, I believe, spurred my creative juices. Living in Boulder is more peaceful and allows that creativity to serenely flow out.
9. Your sense of color is very striking. What attracts you to the subjects and colors you choose?
I am definitely a product of my upbringing. South Africa is very culturally diverse with a lot of color. I also grew up in a house with a lot of color and that made me happy. I am attracted to anything that looks interesting and as of late to subjects that have a somewhat simple composition, I am attracted to bright colors as they bring me joy to shoot.
10. If you could choose anyone to take or paint your portrait, who would it be?
I think it would have to be non-representative and colorful. If Piet Mondrian could, that would be great, or Van Gogh.