Camille Blatrix

The influence of French sculptor Camille Blatrix’s childhood is far reaching; his mother is a ceramicist and his father, a former artist. Currently living and working in his father’s former art studio in Southern Paris, Blatrix remembers spending weekends with his father and brother in that same studio as a child, listening to John Coltrane while his father painted in the other room. Blatrix’s objects are often surreal and cartoonish - literally animated at times. 

In 2014 Blatrix was awarded the Prix d’entreprise Ricard, which annually awards a monetary prize to an emerging French artist whose work has been exhibited at the Foundation’s space in Paris. Blatrix’s work was purchased by the Foundation, and then donated to the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Solo exhibitions include Balice Hertling in Paris and Gasconade in Milan. The artist has also exhibited in group shows in New York, London and Paris.