Chico Aragão

Chico Aragão has been at the forefront of Brazilian fashion and advertising photography since 1973, when he first moved to São Paulo. Known for his "liberation" of fashion photography from the confines of the study, he was one of the first photographers to adopt the notion that a model should be interesting and photogenic rather than attractive in a way that conforms to society's rigid notions of beauty.

Characterized by spontaneity and a focus on movement, his body of work includes portraits that are characterized by their diversity of subject and eccentricity, as well as eerie nightscapes and heavenly waterscapes. His photographs have appeared in publications such as Elle, L'Uomo Vogue, Stern, Vanity Fair, and Vogue Brasil.

Interview with the Artist

1. Who is your favorite artist?
Rebecca Horn.
2. What is your idea of happiness?
Being in the countryside, without cell phones.
3. What is your preferred drink?
4. What books are on your bedside table?
A Book of Sand by Jorge Luis Borges.
5. What is your favorite art space?
The Tate Modern in London.