Christopher Beane

New York City based photographer and artist Christopher Beane studied at, and in 1992 received a BFA in photography from, the Rhode Island School of Design. After moving to New York he accidentally stumbled into a morning job in the city's wholesale flower market, marking the beginning of a longtime relationship with 28th street. The novel imports of the district soon became the subjects of his photographs. Although over a decade has past since his days as a wholesaler, the upper Chelsea neighborhood still remains a great source of inspiration for the artist. With a discerning eye for the overlooked details of the perishable, Beane has sometimes been referred to as the "Love Child of Georgia O'Keeffe and Robert Mapplethorpe". Having amassed an extensive archive of "botany wonder" Beane continues to explore the realms of organic fantasy and reality through his use of photography and mixed media.

Courtesy of Hot House Studios.