Cindy Hinant

Cindy Hinant is a New York based artist who utilizes video, audio, internet and digital technologies, as well as performance and traditional art mediums in works that reflect on popular representations of femininity.  Hinant shares a sense of anarchistic humor with the conceptual artist Dan Graham, whose studio she worked in for a number of years.  Her works may appear austere, and formal but are interjected with disruptive content such as Kim Kardashian selfies or Yves Saint Laurent liquid foundation.  Reflecting on the legacy of minimalism, she often uses the grid and the monochrome as tools to organize her work. 

Hinant has had solo and two person exhibitions at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Interstitial, Joe Sheftel Gallery, and Miguel Abreu Gallery.  Her work has been included in group exhibitions and screenings at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, the Egyptian Modern Art Museum, the North Miami Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museo de Arte El Salvador and the Lehnbachhaus Munich.  She is the recipient of the Robert D. Beckman Jr. Emerging Artist Fellowship, the Edward Albee Visual Artist-in-Residence Fellowship, and the Sheffield International Artist Book Prize. 

Courtesy of the Artist