Daniel Rozenberg aka Dadara is a world-famous multidisciplinary artist who creates one-of-a-kind art. Dadara's brilliant artworks encompass activities that combine different art forms. His art is often experimental, seeking new forms of expression and existing between established platforms. His artistic journey started with some cartoon drawing for the comic magazine and painting hundreds of flyers and record covers for the techno scene. Over the years Dadara started concentrating on paintings and eventually took his reflections on society out of the two-dimensional environment of the canvas into the public domain.

Dadara's artworks are often comic, decorative, and whimsical, and their tone has a deep and sometimes hidden message. He is also quite known for some seriously extravagant installations and performances he creates all over the world. Most of the time, Dadara's art encourages viewers to question the role that media and propaganda play in their conscious and unconscious decisions.

Courtesy of 2B Art Gallery