Dana Piazza

Dana Piazza's current work is a series of pen drawings on paper. Using only black ink, he repeats a simple mark—such as a square, triangle, or a letter—while adhering to a few predetermined rules. Each new mark inherits genetics from previous marks nearby. Small variations beyond the hand’s control occur during the repetition. These irregularities or errors spur ripples and folds that grow with the drawing. Once the quantity of repeated marks reaches a high enough threshold, the marks converge into a single gestalt like cells forming a living organism. The drawing is complete once it has expanded to the limits of its page. The finished works are not figurative or representational. This algorithmic process is a means to filter conscious subjectivity from the act of making. It prevents interference with the drawing’s natural evolution, and instead allows space for the drawing to occur organically. Under this minimal stewardship, each drawing has an Ouija board sense of free will.

Piazza has been a part of group exhibitions at Limner Gallery in Hudson, New York and Gallery 263 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  He is a Flat File artist at Pierogi Gallery in New York City.

Courtesy of the artist