Daniele Buetti

Swiss artist Daniele Buetti uses a wide variety of media, including photography, video, drawing, light boxes, and sculpture to explore and expose popular culture. Buetti’s visually arresting works evoke the seductive nature of advertising and media in society, and scratch beneath that shiny surface to explore questions of identity, loneliness, and despair. He came on to the international scene in the early 2000s with Looking for Love, a series of installations that consisted of walls covered in images of fashion editorials and advertisements. Buetti manipulated these images by adding tattoos and slogans to the models—often of brand names and logos.

Buetti has had a solo exhibitions at institutions including the Swiss Institute of Contemporary Art. His work has also been exhibited widely in group exhibitions, including at the Arizona State University Art Museum, Fotomuseum Winterthur, and Kunstmuseum St. Gallen.