Darío Escobar

Darío Escobar is a trained architect whose practice evolved from taking a critical view of buildings as forms to an investigation of forms, shapes, and ideas via objects. Using skateboards and various other sports equipment, Darío has effectively and often humorously deconstructed the forms, uses, and meanings of the objects with which he works. While he has successfully applied this approach to a myriad of common objects such as bicycle tires, camping gear, McDonald’s cups, shopping carts, chrome bumpers, the perspective applied via his use of sports equipment is particularly relevant.

Escobar’s work has been widely exhibited at venues including CAFAM Museum, Los Angeles, California, Nils Stærk Gallery, Copenhaguen, Denmark, Museo de arte Contemporáneo de Santiago, Santiago de Chile, Chile, Museum of Art, Savannah, Georgia, Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno Carlos Mérida, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala, and the Centro Cultural Metropolitano, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala, among others.

Courtesy of The Lapis Press