Darren Goins

Los Angeles based artist Darren Goins combines digital technologies with traditional painting methods to create abstract paintings that use an aesthetic vernacular associated with early computer graphics. He is perhaps most well known for his reverse paintings on clear acrylic panels whereby he creates an image using software such as Photoshop or MS Paint (a Microsoft computer program that came standard on Windows operating systems beginning in the late 1980s), and etches that image onto an acrylic panel using a CNC router. He then paints over the surface, which ultimately becomes the backside of the painting as the reverse side of the clear panel faces the viewer.

Goins has had solo exhibitions at Hezi Cohen Gallery in Tel Aviv, Whitcher Projects in Los Angeles, and Hap Gallery in Portland, Oregon among others. Goins has participated as an artist-in-residence at Socrates Sculpture Park in New York and at McColl Center of Visual Art in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has received a grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, as well as public art commissions from NYCDOT in New York and the Charlotte Area Transit System in North Carolina.