David Ratcliff

Ratcliff's paintings insist on flatness. Although the elements that comprise his works are insistently layered and multiple, the density is visual rather than material; conceptual and ideological rather than bodily. Images, text and painterly accidents are on equal footing in creating an associative narrative. Alluding to a specifically American subcultural underground, the fragments resolve into meaning and dissolve again into form. He culls from the energies of utopic hopes, dystopic nightmares, fantasy and nostalgia to create a new landscape.

Ratcliff has had solo exhibitions at Team Gallery in New York, Galerie Rodolphe Janssen in Brussels, Maureen Paley Gallery in London, and Tomio Koyama Gallery in Tokyo. Group exhibitions include Torrance Museum of Art in California, Brand New Gallery in Milan, PPOW in New York, and the Museum of Modern Art PS1 in New York.