David Rathman

David Rathman makes paintings that impart subjective, personal scenarios. They depict brief, fleeting narratives extracted from larger stories. Despite largely monochromatic palettes and modestly scaled works, his skill with watercolor results in dramatic atmospheric landscapes that create vivid and poignant vignettes. Rathman resonates with de Kooning's notion of "slipping glimpses," the idea that there is beauty and meaning to be found in our ordinary day-to-day life and surroundings. Rathman's paintings of forlorn basketball hoops, junked cars, cowboys, and rock 'n roll detritus are animated by his belief that "all objects, spaces, and people are connected to great amounts of energy." Rathman has focused his efforts to expressing those energies, and to conveying the vulnerability and possibilities to be found in these iconic American images.

He has had solo exhibitions at Orlando Museum of Art, Rochester Art Center, Rochester, and Franklin Art Works in Minneapolis, among others. His work has been included in group exhibitions at institutions such as Houston’s Contemporary Arts Museum and Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

Courtesy of Morgan Lehman Gallery