David Deutsch

Known primarily as a landscape painter, David Deutsch’s latest paintings are representational, abstract, wildly painterly and idiosyncratic. Despite their initially crude appearance, Mr. Deutsch’s paintings are grown-up, complex of space and surface, and rich in notions of human interaction or the lack thereof; voyeurism and solitude; and often an ambiguous ominousness. The swirling brushwork can read as the tensions of everyday life, a darker societal gloom, rough weather or some other disaster.

Deutsch has exhibited in galleries including Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York; Christine Burgin Gallery, New York; Kerry Schuss, New York; Blum & Poe, Los Angeles and more. Deutsch is also in collections at institutions including Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Museo Rufino Tamayo, Mexico City and more.