Delphine Rocher

Delphine‘s paintings are concerned with the interaction between humankind and her landscape, her role as an actor, her relationship to space, and her status as a spectator. She enjoys exploring these transparencies. Her paintings brilliantly capture the nonchalance in one’s gestures, a timeless ambiance, which invite you to open your imagination.

Her paintings are an invitation for contemplation, but also to introspection. An ode to avoidance, departure, risk and imbalance, but also refuge. Delphine was born in Versailles (1969), which is also referred to as the cradle of the French touch. She studied art and graphic design at Atelier d’art Roederer, and has a Bachelor's degree from L’École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré. She is working in graphism and is affiliated at La Maisons des Artistes since 1991 In 1997, she co-founded Zaoum, an agency for graphism creation.

Courtesy of Michele Mariaud Gallery