Dodit Artawan

Dodit Artawan's reality is a deeply orchestrated one, where his obsession for detail exacerbates a traditional rehlm of mythology. Furthermore, Dodit's preferred bird's-eye view perspective surveys the scene with an intended level of scrutiny. Technically it emphasizes illusions of depth, distortion, and light placing the viewer in a position where they must stand back and observe; in turn questioning the "reality" in front of them.

Upon graduation from Bachelor of Fine Art at Indonesian Art Institute Denpasar Bali in 1997, Dodit started his practice as a part of TAXU Art Clinic.  TAXU is an artist collective that made quite an upheaval in Balinese art scene for breaking the established hegemony of dominant values by reaporiating forms of local identity and other traditional Bali elements. From 1997 to date, Dodit had presented solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in the US, Indonesia, Singapore, and Italy. Artawan lives and works in Bali.