Dwyer Kilcollin

Dwyer Kilcollin’s practice lies at the intersection of physical and virtual space, navigating the territory between form and image. Kilcollin’s practice investigates the emergence of meaning from form, while at the same time, the conflation of form and image. The Emergent Object sculptures are created by hand-layering sand and resin mimicking the methods of a Z Corp 3D printer, building a sculpture not through sight, but through a mediation on what it means to be. Meanwhile, the wall sculptures employ a heightfield algorithm to translate a two-dimensional image into an emerging relief sculpture. Working from a mold, Kilcollin meticulously casts a formulation of crushed minerals and stone, effectively patterning the image-shape. The resulting works hover between representation and abstraction, leaving the viewer compelled between experiencing the pictorial space of the image and the physicality of the sculpture.

Her shows include solo presentations at American Contemporary in New York and Reilly Gallery at Smith Center for the Arts in Providence, and group exhibitions in Los Angeles at Angles Gallery, Pepin Moore, Charlie James Gallery, Secret Recipe, Human Resources, Favorite Goods, as well as Tayuta Gallery in Tokyo.

Courtesy of M+B