Elizabeth Gourlay

Elizabeth Gourlay uses a wide range of media such as oil, flashe, acrylic, ink, and graphite to create artfully simple and strong compositions.

Her work usually begins with layering washes of colors, followed by drawing elements. The colors are sharply and fully selected, using a wide range of color palettes from almost monochromatic to greatly polychromatic.

Her paintings are metaphorical: some of her pieces allude to science by illustrating experiments with coordinate planes and bar graphs. Some refer to music with shapes defining sound and color defining volume. Furthermore, some paintings suggest history and culture by covering layers of apparent worn or shredded paper.

She has an interest in elements found in nature, architecture, and music, drawing lines, grids, and geometric shapes to demonstrate it. Indeed, her work is often described by its musicality and architectonic connotations.

Courtesy of IdeelArt