Elizabeth Pedinotti

Elizabeth Pedinotti’s sensual and surreal photographs tease the viewer, offering obscured glimpses of bodies in evocative settings. In her series The Space Between Hours, for instance, Pedinotti records strange but realistic scenes of young girls at home: one girl appears in a party dress and red shoes standing in a wading pool, others play with toy horses on a carpet, and another gets her hair cut in the kitchen. Because most of her subjects are only partially visible, Pedinotti imbues her work with a sense of distant familiarity. The viewer’s expectations for narrative cohesion is indeed neglected, as Pedinotti’s work only offers the impartial visual imagery of passing moments, void of explicit narratives.

Pedinotti’s photography has been shown across the United States, including in exhibitions at the Slought Foundation in Philadelphia, the Worth Ryder Gallery at the University of California at Berkeley, and Portland State University. She is the 2011 recipient of the San Francisco Art Institute Award, and she was awarded a Silicon Valley Arts Commission Fellowship in 2008.