Emma Hart

Emma Hart's artistic practice spans video, sculpture, and installation, and she uses her work as a means by which to both produce and document events. Hart hold a PhD in fine art research from Kingston University, and her work is fittingly experimental and research rich. Hart's work is often presented in the form of performances, and in staging them, Hart creates elaborate spaces outfitted with sculptures, props, and scenery. Her performance-oriented sculptures, such as those used in her 2011 piece TO DO, harness technology and include embedded cameras that both display and record content. Hart’s work thus demonstrates how art can go beyond the visual experience and has the power to provoke conversation and interaction.

Hart has exhibited her work internationally since the late 2000s, including shows at Performa 09, the Whitstable Biennale, and Camden Arts Centre in London, where she was an artist in residence in 2009.