Erick Conceka

Erick Conceka is a self taught photographer based in Mexico City and the co-owner of Estudio Tampiquito. His work embodies the relationship between human nature and its environment. The sense of belonging and self identity plays an important role in his photographs, as well as spontaneity and unpredictable events of the everyday life. Exhibitions include "Sol Para Rato", Group Show, Casa Equis ( Mexico City, 2019); "Unframed", Group Show, ANENT Gallery (Brooklyn, 2019); "Dawns", Group Show, Galeria Leun'un Arte Habitación (Mexico, 2019); "The Print Swap", Root Studios (New york, 2018); "Twist and Shake", Hacienda de Sayavedra (Mexico, 2016); "Magyar Utca", Vintage Galeria (Budapest, 2016); and "Camara Organica", Galería 360 (Mexico, 2014).