Falcone’s paintings are a combination of old and modern techniques, where ancient methods are sometimes mixed with digital manipulations. Blurring the limits in his painting, Falcone creates unclear and confusing atmospheres, switching indistinctly between figuration and abstraction. His work tries to establish a dialogue within the history of painting, investigating all the aspects of the medium through analyzing old masters’ works.

During his studies in Belgium, Falcone performed at Luc Tuymans’ exhibition opening at Bozar (2011) and took part in the group show Tranlation(s) at Bruxelles Congress. In 2015, he had various solo exhibitions including Alson Gallery, Milan, Archiraar Gallery, Bruxelles and at Croxhapox, Gent. He was recently selected to take part to the Courtauld Institute’s Biennial, London, Artificial Realities (2016-2017), with artists such as Tracy Emin, Rachel Whiteread, and Daniel Buren.

Courtesy of Archiraar Gallery