Felix Lazo

Félix Lazo is a visual artist and electro-acoustic music composer, currently working with Feedback Interactive Systems on the edge of the visual and auditive phenomena. Somewhere he read that in old Indian philosophy, the created universe was a vibrating and pulsating sound, where every living creature contributes with its own unique characteristics to this huge and overwhelming music. Being that music is Lazo’s first language, he applies musical concepts to his visual works, like rhythm, pitch, chromatics, tension, chords, tuning and other more unconscious and unnamable, obscure, parameters. His aim is to produce a visual-sound that resonates in the body of the observer.

Lazo was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship from Colombia University where he earned a MA at the Teacher’s College of Columbia University. He has exhibited in venues around the world such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile, Marlborough Gallery, Santiago, Chile, Goethe Institut, Santiago, Chile, AC Institute, New York, La Guardia Performance Center, Queens, New York, and Joyce Yahouda Gallery, Montreal, Canada. He is the co-founder of Kandor 13 in New York. 

Courtesy of Kandor 13