Finnbogi Pétursson

Blurring the lines between artistic mediums, Finnbogi Pétursson intertwines sound, sculpture, and architecture to produce immersive, multisensory installations. Instead of limiting noise to its audio characteristics, Pétursson considers sound to be a physical substance in his art, deeming sound waves themselves to be drawings and sculpture. While he has used aural elements in conjunction with solid materials, he has also juxtaposed them with light and water in order to visually illustrate how the elements can be affected by sound waves. Pétursson's simplified sounds contribute to his work's meditative quality, alluding to the influence of his native Icelandic landscape on his art.

Pétursson has participated in exhibitions since the early 1980s, including the 4th International Istanbul Biennial and the 2001 Venice Biennale. The artist has received funding from the Icelandic Ministry of Culture and is a recipient of the Carnegie Art Award.