Flavia Mantovan

Flavia Mantovan is a street artist of Roman-Venetian origin. Mentored after the early establishment of her career by photographer David LaChapelle, she works in a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, photography and mixed media. Her vibrant pieces are most often created using various combinations of oil, enamel, acrylic, pencils, sprays, markers and iron or silver powder. Her newest series of paintings are primarily black and white and informed by her research into various sects of spirituality including Kabbalah, Hare Krishna, and Buddhism. About them the artist declared, “The meaning of each single word is exactly as it appears—a process for creation, from the idea to the feeling.”   

Mantovan has exhibited her works in a number of exhibitions including Palazzo Medici Clarelli, Rome, Galleria Stragapede Perini, Milan, Collective Hardware, New York, XI Cairo Biennial, Egypt, and the Mafia Museum, Salemi, Sicily. In 2011 the curator decided to bring the Mafia Museum, and consequently Mantovan’s works to the 54th Venice Biennial, for the Italian Pavilion at Arsenal.