Francesco Ardini

Creating ceramic art that resembles decay, mutation, lacerations, disintegration, and dissolution, Francesco Ardini seeks to expose the chaotic nature of the contemporary home environment. A self-taught ceramic designer from Padua, Italy, Ardini favors irregular surfaces within his work, allowing his creations to expand like an organism and to adopt their own personality and meaning. He believes that in order for domestic objects to continue to be relevant and useful, they must evolve as do all organic life forms. Ardini’s objects are often closer to the idea of installation rather than to a functional object, resembling a still life of one's personal life.

Ardini’s ceramics have been displayed in solo exhibitions at the Federica Schiavo Gallery in Rome, Ohmyblue Gallery in Venice, Museum of Ceramic Palazzo Botton in Torino, Italy, and Galleria Valentina Vonomo Bonomo in Rome. Additionally he has contributed work to group exhibitions at galleries such as the Saatchi Gallery in London, Instituto Veneto Di Scienze in Venice, and the International Ceramics Studio in Hungary.  In 2015 he held a residency at the Ceramic Creative Center affiliated with the Clayarch Gimhae Museum in South Korea.