Gabriel Specter

Gabriel Specter is a Brooklyn-based artist recognized for taking an anthropological approach to his work. His paintings and sculptures contextualize and record the urban mundane and marginalized aspects of our population.

Specter aims to document the changing present by looking to the past. He searches the city for objects, markings, and places that speak to shared histories – a hand-painted sign, popular clothing, layers of weathered posters, architectural patterns. His work often skews the expected by taking what is everyday and interrupting its texture, verbiage or shape.

In the street, Specter is known for precise installations that revitalize forgotten places. The work is as much about the piece as it is about where it is placed. He specifically chooses the environments for his work and it often evolves to reflect the chosen location.

Having created public artworks in cities like New York, London, Paris, and St. Petersburg, his style and commitment are recognized worldwide.

Courtesy of the artist.