Gabriele De Santis

Gabriele De Santis is a conceptual artist living and working in Rome, Italy. His paintings, sculptures, videos, and installations comment on late capitalism and globalization. His works incorporate slogans, signs, social media references and language, and sports imagery to speak to identification by commodified objects and its reach worldwide. De Santis is revered for his use of negative and positive space, and the sense of balance, both texturally and compositionally, in his work. His objects seem to possess a kinship, propped up against one another, and have a comedic quality to them. 

De Santis' work has been shown in solo exhibitions worldwide, at galleries including the Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid, Spain; The Blank Contemporary Art in Bergamo, Italy; Casa Vautrin/Vudafieri in Milan, Italy; Frutta Gallery in Rome; Jose Garcia in Mexico City; Valentin in Paris, France; JuneFirst in Berlin, Germany; Limoncello in London, UK; Depart Foundation in Los Angeles; and Galerie Diana Stigter Backspace in Amsterdam; as well as group shows in Italy, France, Portugal, the UK, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Lithuania, and the US.