Geert Goiris

Goiris occupies a unique position in the field of contemporary photography. His layered photos of sublime landscapes, modernist architecture and reserved portraits possess a strange, unreal beauty with no perception of time and space, and are vaguely reminiscent of the visual language of post-apocalyptic feature films. And yet everything that Goiris photographs is real. Nothing is photoshopped. Many of his photos feature reminders of man's attempts to domesticate nature.

Goiris creates powerful images, in which he combines an almost universal perception of beauty with a subtle frisson of danger. As well as being mental images, his photos are records of reality that generate room for stories, associations and suspense in the area of tension between fact and fiction. The exhibition is entirely without daylight, and the oppressive atmosphere is intensified by spatial interventions and interaction between slide shows, framed photos of varying dimensions and enormous prints.

Courtesy of Foam