Geoff Hargadon

Geoff Hargadon, a street artist and photographer from Somerville, has exhibited regularly in Boston and New York in the last few years. He was the artist featured by Societe Perrier at Pulse Miami 2011 and opening night featured artist at Moniker ArtFair (London), 2011. Hargadon’s 2005 installation, "The Somerville Gates," received critical acclaim and was featured in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, CNN, and other major news sources. Other projects include The Wall at Central Square, a collaborative street art installation in Cambridge, MA. His work is in a number of collections, including MIT Visual Arts Center, The Andy Warhol Museum, and Fidelity Investments. Geoff Hargadon is interested in both his work as commentary and as a medium. His project ‘Cash For Your Warhol’ plays on the recession-style advertising found on American roadsides and telephone poles – except his message is geared at cash-strapped art collectors ready to hock their Warhols. Hargadon’s work reflects our economic mindset seeking the quick buck, and the instant gratification of CASH.

Courtesy of Jealous Gallery