Geoffrey Todd Smith

Geoffrey Todd Smith employs seemingly simple structures in his vivid, intensely patterned abstract paintings. Common geometric elements—circles, ellipses, ovals and dots—inhabit a tight grid in visually confounding and colorfully explosive compositions. Given the geometry and precision in his work, Smith’s paintings are often mistaken for digital prints when seen at a distance, yet they are all painted freehand; nothing is taped off. Larger shapes are filled in with gouache or enamel paint; linear elements and patterns are hand-drawn with archival gel pens. Teetering between order and disorder, Smith invites the viewer to consider beauty and dissonance simultaneously.

Smith’s solo shows include Luis de Jesus Los Angeles, Hyde Park Art Center and the Union League, both in Chicago, Nudashank in Baltimore and he’s been included in group shows at The DePaul Art Museum, Chicago, The Hughes Gallery, Australia, The Green Gallery, Milwaukee, Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles, DCKT in NYC and Baer Ridgway, San Francisco. 

Courtesy of Western Exhibitions