George Young

The lithographs by George Young begin with drawn figures on stone, then printing layers of color that build up the picture plane. Young explores different ways of mark making and gesture to acquire the scene within these marks as if they are growing out of the media itself. Lithography as a medium fabricates a very faithful print of a drawing or painting onto stone, maintaining the original texture of these different marks whilst creating something unexpected—the unexpected very much an intentional part of the artist’s process. Different layers can clash or contrast or overlay, perfectly in a playful approach similar to a game or puzzle. Combining these layers with one-off backgrounds of mono prints or paintings, each lithograph is a unique multiple. This leads to a kind of exaggerated flatness in his images as if constructing a diorama of hinge-limbed, cardboard cut-outs. These lithographs explore creating drama as orchestrator of scenes in the printed image.

George Young’s exhibitions include Momentum, 6th Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art, Moss, Zabludowicz Collection, London and group exhibitions include Studio Voltaire and Keith Talent in London and Galerie Klatovy/ Klenova in Czech Republic.

Courtesy of Used Paper