Grier Edmundson

Grier Edmundson has been developing an on-going body of work over the last several years which deals on the one hand with the conceptual and formal histories of the medium of painting—and, to a somewhat lesser degree, with those of drawing, printmaking, and sculpture—and, on the other, a western historical narrative of Modernism. He examines the parallels and moments of repetition, overlap, and divergences within these two histories. This work has over the years taken the shape of the installation as a model for exhibition. Each exhibition becomes a new installment or chapter within the larger body of work that draws out different strands of interest.

Edmundson has had recent solo exhibitions at Kendall Koppe Gallery in Glasgow, Fourteen30 Contemporary in Portland, Battat Contemporary in Montreal, and PowerHouse in Memphis. His work has been featured in numerous group exhibitions including the 2011 Quebec Triennial in Montreal, I’m Not Here: An Exhibition without Francis Alÿs at the de Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam, Samedi, Samedi at Galerie Art Concept in Paris, and The State with A. Vermin at Glasgow International 2008.

Courtesy of the artist