Guang-Yu Zhang

Oriental inspiration takes on a Western twist. The mythical realm blurs the boundaries of reality. Guang's work presents the aesthetic impression produced by the fusion of strong contrast elements, like the fusion of Eastern and Western culture, and the integration of classical and modern art. He references Chinese classical art forms and elements and expresses them through contemporary techniques. Exotic birds gaze across vibrant backgrounds, exploring rich vegetation and soft diffusions of bright hues. Tonal infusions drift across striking backgrounds, adding a dreamy element, almost like a splash of watercolors. Intricate patterns pay attention to even the smallest of details, creating a contemporary collage of contrasting feathers and mystical creatures. Eastern landscapes evolve with poignant motifs and bold brushstrokes, unleashing the imagination to explore a new and untouched world. An innovative mix of traditional elements of culture and travel, creating a fresh balance of texture and color.

Courtesy of The Contemporary Art Modern Project