Gudrun Hasle

Working in various mediums, such as embroidery, banners, photography and video, Gudrun Hasle's works are based on her own experiences. Diagnosed dyslectic, she is alienated from communicating and decoding written statements in everyday life. Despite this, she confesses her daily concerns to the beholder, through simple, but misspelled sentences embroidered in textile, making her works present and almost unbearably relevant. Difficult to decode, her work challenges the power dynamic of communication, making the viewer feel dyslectic. Hasle's use of textiles references the historical tradition of such practices, such as the feminist art from the 1970's and the earlier tradition of needlework. This way, she connects the dyslexia with the experience of living up to her identity as a woman—and another set of expectations. Her practice reflects and challenges the norms of the society and addresses feelings of incapability.

Hasle has exhibited her work in a number of venues around Scandinavia, including Horsens Art Museum, Denmark, Vejen Kunstmuseum, Denmark, Format, Copenhagen, Galleri Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen, Galleri Image, Aarhus, Media Gallery, Bratislava, Rønnebæksholm, Næstved, Malmö Konsthall (SE), Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde, and Kunsthallen Brandts, Odense. 

Courtesy of Galleri Tom Christoffersen