Gwenn Thomas

Gwenn Thomas is a New York-based artist whose work is conceptually interrelated to her ongoing study of the relationship between photography, painting, and sculpture. Between her photo emulsion on linen works and her series of sculptural window pieces, her work examines how photography shapes our contemporary perception of painting. Like Man Ray and Moholy-Nagy, her work pays homage to abstract painters, including Mondrian and Sonia Delaunay. The artist’s most recent works are framed laminated photographs of the same window taken at various times of day: morning, late afternoon, and dusk. Each of these windows represents different moments of space and time, informing our experience of ‘lived space’.

Thomas' solo exhibitions include Regina Rex, New York, 57W57 Arts, New York, Art Projects International, New York, Point of Contact Gallery at Syracuse University, New York and Exile Gallery, Berlin.  Thomas has also shown in group exhibitions including Garth Greenan Gallery and Franklin Parrasch Gallery in New York.