Hank Ehrenfried

Painter Hank Ehrenfried works from an ever-expanding archive of family photos in order to parse a traumatic and deeply painful family history—"to understand how their ordinariness can represent at once life after trauma and its ultimate impossibility," says the artist. "The work is in the reimagining, in opening myself to history and to the future as I guard those pieces that are most tender and private."

Hank Ehrenfried is a New Jersey-born artist currently living in Brooklyn, NY. He received is his BFA in painting, drawing, and printmaking from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA in 2014 and his MFA in painting from Pratt Institute in May 2019. He has been in recent exhibitions at Danese/Corey Gallery in New York, Susan Eley Gallery in New York, Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and Manhattan and Welcome Gallery in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is currently part of the Trestle artist residency program in Brooklyn.