Hermonie "Only" Williams

Multidisciplinary artist Hermonie “Only” Williams works with classical materials like charcoal and graphite on paper, and modern technologies like photographs of her sculptures, to create static images that appear to be executed by machine. Her abstract concepts are conveyed through an aesthetic of mass-production, which critique a culture based on consumption and materiality. Williams’s geometric graphite drawings baffle the eye and inspire the viewer to question the power of man verses the machine and forge a personal relationship with the work. Williams creates graphic narratives through a futuristic minimalist aesthetic which not only reveals a mastering of technique, but a sound understanding of symbols and icons. 

Williams has displayed work in solo exhibitions at Terrault Contemporary and Gallery Four in Baltimore. In addition her work has been entered in various group exhibitions including The Baltimore Museum of Art, The Penthouse Gallery in Baltimore, PS122 in New York, and Western Exhibitions in Chicago. Her work can be found in publications such as Art F City, BMore Art, and BaltimoreCityPaper.