Hiroki Otsuka

Hiroki Otsuka was born in Shiga, Japan in 1974. He studied graphic design at The Tokyo Designer Gakuin, Aichi , Japan. He lived in Tokyo for two years before deciding to move to the United States. After a brief time in San Francisco, he settled in New York City and currently lives in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. He has created erotic comics for various publishing companies in Japan under his name and the penname Pirontan. Some of his most memorable comics have been "I LOVE SHOCK" and PIRONTAN 21.  His work has appeared in galleries throughout the United States and Japan, and has been featured in international art fairs in New York, Tokyo and Basel, Switzerland. He's been exhibited at major art institutions such as The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (Nothing Moments, 2007) and in academic settings such as Pittsburgh University Art Gallery (Making Faces: Depiction of Women in Japan from Edo to Today, 2009). In 2007, Hiroki Otsuka was featured in Japan Society’s centennial exhibition Making a Home, curated by Eric C. Shiner, that highlighted 33 Japanese contemporary artists living and working in New York.