Ibrahim Miranda

Ibrahim Miranda is a Cuban artist who has gained international attention for his prints and paintings. A native of Pinar del Rio, he attended the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana; shortly after graduation he began to exhibit in Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Spain and the United States.

Miranda is a master of woodblock, and was very influential in the resurgence and revitalization of Cuban printmaking in the 1990s. He bases many of his works on found maps tracing the distinctive "crocodile" profile of the island of Cuba, and plumbs its literature, music, religion, history and flora and fauna in an exploration of enduring themes of geographical and existential isolation, the urban condition, Afro-Cuban heritage, and personal/collective biographies. The poetry and songs of Cuba provide literary and philosophical ideas, deepening the meaning and impact of his prints and paintings.

Courtesy of Graphicstudio/USF