Ida Ekblad

Ida Ekblad's artistic practice moves fluidly through painting, sculpture, performance and poetry. Her sculptures are produced from the chance materials sourced on her regular scrap-hunting missions whilst away travelling or at home in her native Oslo. A series of gates she made were constructed out of fragments of metal scrap welded together, "much in the same manner as connecting words and sentences in a poem". Characterized by an intense use of color, Ekblad's expressive paintings are also created with offbeat methods such as running the paint-loaded wheels of a shopping cart over a canvas. The forms and gestures found in her work derive from a wide variety of inspirations and art historical references, such as CoBrA, Situationism and Abstract Expressionism but also pop cultural aesthetics like graffiti or cartoon that indicate Ekblad's genre-crossing approach.

Ekblad’s work has been widely exhibited internationally, including such venues as Greene Naftali Gallery, New York, National Museum of Norway-Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, Norway, West London Projects, London, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Alessandro DeMarch, Milan, and The Journal Gallery, New York.

Courtesy of Counter Editions