If you've seen ceramic aliens mosaic on the walls of your city, Invader probably put them there. On his website, Invader writes that he identifies as "an Unidentified Free Artist. I chose Invader as my pseudonym and I always appear behind a mask. As such, I can visit my own exhibitions without any visitors knowing who I really am even if I stand a few steps away from them. Since 1998, I have developed a large scale project, code name: Space Invader.... [The project] is first of all about liberating Art from its usual alienators that museums or institutions can be. But it is also about freeing the Space Invaders from their video games TV screens and to bring them in our physical world.." 

Born in France in 1969, Invader has left his array of characters on cities around the world: Hong Kong, Paris, Marrakech, Varanasi. He has also show internationally, with solo shows at Musee en Herbe, Paris (2017); HOCA Foundation, Hong Kong (2015); and Alice Gallery, Brussels (2012). 

Text Courtesy of Invader's website