Iris Apfel

Recognizable by her XXL round glasses, her wide color necklaces and her extraordinary wardrobe, fashion designer Iris Apfel is considered as one of the leading figures in fashion and decoration in the United States.

An exuberant fashion icon, and a witty character with a certain sense of humor, Iris Apfel believes that style has no age. Throughout her life, as she travels, Iris Apfel collects handcrafted pieces, especially the immeasurable jewels that she wears in accumulation, infusing a breath of newness into the high society of New York. At odds with the norms, Iris Apfel is the absolute symbol of more is more and handles with genius the codes of fashion by pushing them further and further.

During a trip to Paris, Iris Apfel meets Michel Bernardaud in the eponymous shop on Rue Royale who offers her, in front of her enthusiasm for the collections of the house, the artistic direction of a porcelain jewelry collection.