Itziar Barrio

Utilizing an array of diverse media, Itziar Barrio explores the concepts of desire and power dynamics. Her work is based on the idea that language is knowledge and approaches reality as something being constantly recreated. She brings up questions that are not overtly social or political, but that deal with the tendency of the human mind to create iconic and associative characters out of its surroundings and the effects of those associations on society. Through multimedia projects, videos and performances, Barrio develops an original deconstruction of the icons and social codes that inhabit our daily lives, revisits their original meanings and creates a new fiction/mythology around them.

Itziar Barrio's work has been presented internationally at institutions such as MACBA in Barcelona, Museum of Contemporary Art of Belgrade, Abrons Arts Center in New York, tranzit in Romania, European Network of Public Art Producers, ARTIUM Museum in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Hudson Valley Center of Contemporary Art in Peekskill, and Storefront for Art and Architectur in New York.

Courtesy of Brooklyn Museum